[Art] The ‘Angry’ Chef

Hi there!

In the final week before the examn i finished the final character for our game, the angry chef who runs around in the restaurant level. He’s very angry, because the brawlers have scared away all the customers and broken all the furniture with their wild bashing. You better not cross him, because he will kick your ass with his dough roller!

I’ve also added some new music and a new victory song to some of the levels.

Here is a screenshot and here is the link to the model with the run animation!


[Art] Finishing Toutches

Hey Guys, I haven’t updated lately, to combine all the finishing toutches into one post. So I finished up the Oase level and placed all the props  in unity. Beside that I also gave the duck some shades and an animation. I also made Some portraits for the restaurant level. And also made a Painting for the site.oaselevelrestaurant_portraitduckbanner

[Dev] Exam deadline

Hi all!

We’re two days away from the exam presentation and we can’t be more prepared 🙂
The goals we set for the game have been met and we’re just finishing up bugs and tweaks. I am already busy implementing a challenge mode which won’t be finished before the exam.

Things that I finished since last week:

  • Character selection with ready grunts is ready and flawless
  • Animation ( made by rik ) implemented in the new threat in Level 4
  • Challenge mode in menu
  • AI chooses random character in the start of the round
  • Code has been cleaned up ( via ReSharper

Things I am working on:

  • Challenge mode without AI to challenge your friends in custom game modes
  • Presentation for tuesday ( exam day )

Stay tuned for the big reveayl of our site with download link, bio’s and more!
Soon we’ll release a Lite version for free and the full version not so free!

After the exam our progress will not be continued here, but on our site, so stay in touch, see you at the exam!


P.S: here’s a little sneak peak of our power point presentation for tuesday, shh!Schermopname (158)


[Art] Final Character

Hi there!

The final character for our game has been finished. Now all that is left is to create the chef for our restaurant level.

Here is a screenshot of the final character, the sergeant. Inspired by the hilarious sergeant Garcia from the 90’s television series of Zorro. 🙂


Choose your character!

So the past 2 weeks were not really interesting on art perspective. A lot of the tasks I needed to do were already done. What I did do was add and Ambient Occlusion filter on the camera to the game to make the the art a little bit nicer. Also we brainstormed on how we wanted the character select screen. After we had a solid idea I started playing around with it and this is the final result (the colors of the characters are temporary but that is just to make it clear which player is which color, in the final game they will have the proper textures):


besides of this we have teamed up with a old classmate of mine to make an awesome launch trailer for our game! All the animation stuff for the trailer is being made by me so that will keep me busy for the next week or so. Besides that I’ve fixed some art problems in unity and added some motion to the oasis level.

Thats it for my part keep 14 june in your agendas because the trailer will be ready then and it will Bash you out of your seat!

[Dev] In depth

So… We’re almost there. Just weeks before the deadline of our Presentation. While we’re finishing up the game you can now also download the PC build version, which is a lot smoother and faster than the Web-build.

Things that were done since my last post:
– Character selection is integrated, but not yet fully present on account of missing character models for prefabs.
– Level 6 now has the konami code lock
– Level 5 now works perfectly with the other levels
– A lot of art updates… so not my department
– Sounds were added and then again removed for testing purposes ( voice acting )
– Background music was changed and sound effects were improved/added

Non-game related:
– We’ve decided a ‘company’ name: Couch Gaming ( + logo ), see the post below this one.
– A lot of brainstorming was held for the future of this game ( production wise )

The next update will be the big one! So get your sombrero’s and stock your tequilla cabinet because it’s about to go down!

14th of june, mark your calendars, Jeroen out!

Company Logo!

As of today our group is called Couch Gaming!


The name comes from our motto which is making local games you can play with your friends on the spot. Next up is our trailer which will be released around our exam and after that will be set for launch! We’re currently discussing  with school which will be the best way to make it public but stay tuned!


[Art] Character advancements

Hi There!

So i’ve been continuing work on the characters. So far the 3rd character is almost completely done. And i’ve started work on the final character, which will also serve as the chef for the Restaurant level. The model will have a slight difference in shape. But the base will be the same, using the same rig. And of course another texture will be used.

This is how the 3rd character came out. Hope you like it!


You can also view it on sketchfab

And also view an example animation

[Dev] Checking of task list

Hi all!

This week we added some new small changes
– Countdown at start of round
– Slow motion final kill
– Gameplay improvements

The final week is upon us, the tasks that remain for the programmers are Character Selection and making sure the final level gets added to the chain. So we’re almost there!

Today is also the final Projects lesson, so from here on out we’re on our own. We’ll nail it for sure!
Stay tuned!